Summer Fun Session 2020: Yoga & Meditation

Greetings Yoga Student!

Here’s the details for the 6-Week Summer Fun Yoga & Meditation Session…

“Yoga for Stiff People” July 13 – Aug. 20
  • Three, 45-minute live classes per week ~ Mon, Wed & Thurs at 10-10:45 am
  • Access to all the recordings to date, plus the new ones during Summer Fun Session
  • Additional video recordings showing muscle-building how-to close-ups & tutorials
“Meditation with Jane” July 13 – Aug. 20
  • Three, 30-minute live classes per week ~ Mon, Wed & Thurs at 8:45-9:15 am
  • Access to all the recordings to date, plus the new ones during Summer Session
These 30-minute classes include a breathing practice followed by a meditation practice. You’ll learn a few different, simple practices so you can find what works best for you.
For those of you who are wondering what it’s about, the goal of meditation is learning how to more easily focus, relax and be present. When we know how to be present in the body, we gain access to our instincts and to a wealth of valuable information and solutions we need in order to do our life well.
Cost per person:
Click on the link below to pay by credit card…
Yoga only = $109
Meditation only = $73
Yoga & Meditation = $182

To join classes live, you need to download the free Zoom app, which you can do by clicking here:

Downloading Zoom is very easy and steps you through the process!

Recordings only show me leading all classes. No video or audio of anyone else will be included in order to maintain your privacy.

You do NOT need Zoom to access the recordings if you opt not to download Zoom and join classes live.

IMPORTANT! If you are not currently on my email list: In order for you to receive the private Zoom and recording links, please email me at so I can add you to my list.

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Jane F. Meinz, M.A.
Women’s Midlife Mentor, Shame Rehabilitator &
Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher

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