Greetings Wise, Wonderful MidLife Women!

Todays Sunday Peppy video was completely unplanned. It’s a discussion/interview my colleague Jay Fields did with me. I’m talking about the difference between shame, guilt and existential embarrassment.

It was totally impromptu so neither of us dressed up or even combed our hair. Thank goodness Jay pressed “Record” to capture it all. If you know you suffer with shame, wonder if you do or are curious about it, I hope you listen.



Warning: I believe I swear with a little more gusto in this video than I have in other Sunday Peppys. I get very fired up about the negative impact shame has on people’s psyches, souls and brains.


Shame is pervasive in our culture and in the majority of religious traditions. It’s toxic and it’s mentally, emotionally and neurologically deforming. Yes, shame actually alters our brain function.

It’s a condition/dis-ease from which I’ve deeply suffered and sometimes still do. I’ve spent the majority of my life in shame rehab, progressively popping the locks off all the cages surrounding me so I could free myself from its putrid hold.  

I know a lot about this beast called shame. That’s why I’m so fiercely passionate about helping other women pop the locks off their own cages. I know how crippling shame can be, how real it all feels when self doubt screams in and the hopeful dreams/desires it can crush into dust right in front of you.

Shame is a form of self cannibalism. 

I also know a lot about how to recover and rehab shame, especially the kind of shame that hangs on and on and on even after “working on it” for many years. And I know that there’s freedom outside those cages that’s worth fighting for.

I hope you find something in this video that supports or inspires you!

Shame Rehab is something I support my clients with A LOT, way more than I wish was needed. If you’d like support with shame, self doubt, self worth or valuing yourself more so you can more confidently do what you wanna do in life, just hit “reply” and tell me a bit about where you struggle with this and what you’d like to achieve. If I feel I can help you, we can schedule a call to talk about what working together could look like.

Until next time, take care and be kind to yourself!





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