Greetings Wise, Wonderful MidLife Women!

Today’s Sunday Peppy is about “New Year Fear”. Exploring the self-doubt, angst and shame that can arise with the start of a new fresh year and 3 support practices to help soothe and calm kerfuffled nerves.



Some people find the start of a new year very motivating and exciting, and may feel pretty clear about what they’re up to for the next 12 months. Some people however, are feeling stomach knots, shallow breathing and a lumpy throat looking at the upcoming year.


That’s the lumpy, knotty camp I’m in. Starting around December 30th I always swallow hard, have a knot in my guts and feel angst in my body. If you do too, this Sunday Peppy is a shout-out to you!


A crispy clean, brand new, wide open, uncharted year might feel similar to a blank piece of paper just waiting for you to create something on it that’s poignant and amazing. That pressure can hook fear within us and trigger lots of negative, limiting beliefs about ourselves. Our self-worth comes into question. Our shame gets hooked. We get confused about who we are and how capable we actually are.


This is what I address in this Sunday Peppy, along with 3 practices that can help soothe and comfort your body and mind.


Emancipating from self-doubt, erroneous beliefs and other bullshit is something I support my midlife women with A LOT. If you’d like support with valuing yourself more so you can more confidently do what you wanna do in life, just hit “reply” and tell me a bit about where you struggle with this and what you’d like to achieve. If I feel I can help you, we can schedule a call to talk about what working together could look like.

Until next time, take care and be kind to yourself!




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