Greetings Wise, Wonderful Women!

Welcome to another episode of Sunday Peppys! 

The Sunday Peppy theme this week is very simple and doesn’t require a lot of blabbing, pontificating or expounding upon. The topic today is: “Beauty”.

Quite simply……

  • Drink in the stunning beauty of the natural world around you. Let yourself be deeply affected by it. Soothed. Energized. Refreshed. Renewed. YOU are part of this Beauty.
  • You may wildly succeed at something you’re trying to do or wildly miss the mark. Either way, YOU are Beautiful and Bountifully Enough.  


I dare you. Go out into the beautiful natural world and blend in.

It’s your sovereign right.


Until next time take care and be kind to yourself!


Jane F. Meinz, M.A.
Women’s MidLife Mentor &
Kripalu Yoga Teacher

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