Greetings Wise, Wonderful MidLife Women!

Welcome to another episode of Sunday Peppys! Today’s topic is about “Desired Goals & Inner Critics” and how to greatly reduce the Inner Critic “throw-down” as we head towards our desired goals…… and actually arrive..



We all have hearts desires and goals we want fulfilled but it’s easy to give up on them when the path to get there looks so far down the road or our Inner Critics are kick’n us to the curb.  

Take a sec right now and bring to mind just one of your desired goals. A goal that has heart AND feels a little (or a lot) daunting as you look down the path from here to there. It can feel like there’s a lot of distance to cover between where you are now and where you want to be, right?

Overwhelm, fear, uncertainty and “not knowing how” can paralyze our forward movement towards that desired goal. And then we’re left standing there, caught between the burn of our desire and the burn of our fears and self-doubts. We’re sandwiched between two burns.

And what does that burn feel like? For me, it feels shitty, gnarly and uncomfortable. How about you?

When we have a goal that we desire but don’t move towards, we progressively become more angry, unhappy and bitter. We’re like a bird that desires to fly but is tied to the perch with a gold, wafer-thin chain around our ankle.

The antidote to this is……

  • Creating Manageable, Inspired, Imperfect Action Steps
  • Choose 3 Priority Action Steps daily to complete
  • Getting Support & Cheerleading along the way

What I’ve seen so much with myself, friends, colleagues and clients I work with is that we:

  • Make action steps WAY TOO big instead of small and manageable. This sets us up to fail which confirms our fears and self-doubts.
  • Choose action steps “we think we SHOULD” do rather than feeling into what would be inspiring. This sets us up to feel drained and joyless.
  • Insist action steps be done “RIGHT” before we do them or have expectations that are too high. This sets us up to not do anything, leaving us in a freeze-frame.
  • TOUGH IT OUT by ourselves, white-knuckling through the fear or discomfort towards the goal. This sets us up to feel lonely, tired and scared.

Manageable = small, doable, completed = Success

Inspired = following intuition = Energized

Imperfect = done is better than perfect = Confidence

A concrete daily practice I invite you to do to move towards your desired goal is to pick 3 action steps every day that are your priority to complete. Make them manageable, inspired and imperfect AND get support along the way.

I encourage you to keep doing this practice everyday and you will meet face to face with your desired goal. YOU can do this!


Until next time, take care and be kind to yourself!




Jane F. Meinz, M.A.
Women’s MidLife Mentor &
Kripalu Yoga Teacher

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