Sunday Peppys Episode 7

Greetings Wise, Wonderful MidLife Women!

On a good day, it’s easy to stay connected to our true essence and focused on fulfilling our hearts desires or goals. But on a shitty day, it’s a whole nother story when negative self talk crashes the party and messes with our confidence, talking us outta doing things that just a moment ago felt right on and really hip.

That can feel so painful, right? It makes our heart hurt when we know that negative self talk is a fat lie but we then still sometimes get tripped up by it anyways.

Todays Sunday Peppy is about “Instinctive Spontaneity” and a simple yet powerful practice to stay grounded in our body, our truth and our confidence.



Our body and our spirit knows who we are, knows our worth and knows we have the sovereign right to fulfill our hearts desires. Oftentimes, our head knows this too, especially if we’ve done a pile of personal growth work liberating ourselves from the erroneous limiting beliefs and other bullshit we learned throughout our life.

But sometimes our head forgets, especially if we’re sleep deprived, hormonally changing, too cold, too hot, too hungry, too full or have been around something or someone too negative or too shaming.

I’ve had an uptick in worrisome, second-guessing thoughts recently that keep looping round and round in my brain, which has kept me awake at night. Not getting enough sleep drains my energy. It’s a fast train to crazy thinking, more intense worrying, being disconnected from my body and a rodeo of negative self talk.

And the net result is, it messes with my confidence to keep following my hearts desires, to keep thow’n my shit down doing in the world what I wanna do and feel called to do.

Is this something you struggle with sometimes, too? You’re mov’n along feel’n pretty good, feel’n pretty grounded in your truth and then you start to trip up. You start to second guess yourself. The confidence you had in yourself and pursuing your hearts desires starts to get shaky as self doubt settles in a little thicker and starts mercilessly pounding on your truth.

The extra boot in the fanny is that despite all the personal growth work we’ve done, this self doubt still happens and still brings us down.

But here’s a practice that can really help us get our confidence groove back on and our memory back because it’s a practice that’s rooted the body, connected to Nature and the solid wisdom they both have.

Use Nature as a springboard to hop back into your clarity, deep knowing and confidence about who you truly are. Nature is instinctively spontaneous. So are we….. when we’re not caught in the web of self doubt.

When you lose confidence in your truth and you start doubting or second guessing yourself, find something in Nature that calls to you. Maybe it’s a tree, a bird, a lake, a firefly. Whatever you choose, let your body and your energy become that piece of Nature. Let yourself dance or move with how that piece of Nature energetically feels in your body and soul. Become that piece of Nature and log that feeling in your body.

I encourage you to develop this practice so that it becomes easier and quicker for you to drop into any piece of Nature you choose….or are chosen by. One of the additional beauties of this practice is that you can do it in your imagination.

If you suddenly find yourself in a situation where you feel your confidence draining from you, connect with a piece of Nature in your minds eye, embody it and feel its energy filling you up. Then ask: “What would a (firefly, tree, bird, sky, water, etc) do right now?”

And then to the best of your ability, do it (and if you can’t or it feels too scary, then see yourself doing it in your imagination). Embodying Nature helps us get our memory back that we really, truly, no-shit are bountifully enough!

Until next time, take care and be kind to yourself!




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