Sunday Peppys Episode 08

Greetings Wise, Wonderful MidLife Women!

Tapping into our intuition (our Inner Wisdom that fully and reliably knows what we need) can be a challenging practice by itself, especially if that’s something we weren’t taught growing up. Trusting it enough to stand by us and carry us through to the end is an even deeper practice requiring our full commitment, right?

Todays Sunday Peppy is about “Trusting Embodied Intuition” and a simple yet powerful body-based way to stay grounded in our intuition.



Here’s what got me really thinking about the trusting practice that must be part of accessing our Inner Wisdom for the reliable guidance we’re seeking…….

About 5 weeks ago, my husband and I took in a stray cat that clearly wasn’t doing well as an outdoor cat. He was shy and guarded so it took awhile to befriend him, but once we did, he became a purring lap cat.

He’s been living in my home office cuz’ he was diagnosed with ear mites so he needs to be kept separate from our other two indoor cats. We call him Little Toots, short for Little Boots La Toot. He’s a sensitive, tender-hearted little guy who trills more than mews when he talks. It’s so endearing.

And of course, my heart has been cracked open with love for this little sweetie pie! But…..

….whenever I tap into my body, it’s very clear in my intuition that Toots is not meant for us. He’s meant for someone else. Because I’ve grown to love him so much and because I feel so protective of him and because I want him for ourselves, I’ve checked, checked and rechecked in with my intuition only to find the same answer……

“He’s not meant for you. He’s meant for someone else.”


“He’s not meant for you. He’s meant for someone else.”

Because living from my intuition is a top priority for me and something in which I truly desire mastery, I must follow this directive, trusting it and the outcome for Toots, knowing I will feel grief in my heart when he leaves here.

Sometimes it can feel like our intuitive “hits” ask so much of us because trusting it requires letting go. Trusting and letting go requires confidence in ourselves that we are fully capable of doing our life, right? If we struggle with self-doubt, second-guessing or shame, that can make trusting our intuition a lot harder………”What if I’ve made the “wrong” decision?”

What might you have going on in your life right now that’s requiring you to deeply tap in to and trust your intuition? A decision you’ve already made or need to make; a project that needs some choices to be made; or maybe an inspiration that’s asking you to fulfill it.

Whatever it is, I invite you to drop into where your intuition lives in your body, feel the physical sensations and listen to what you hear. Sit with it for as long as you need to. Then, to the best of your ability trust yourself, follow through and trust the outcome.

This skill is something I support my clients with every week. If you’d like support with improving your confidence to tap into and trust your intuition, hit “reply” and tell me a bit about where you struggle with this and what you’d like to achieve. If I feel I can help you, we can schedule a call to talk about what working together could look like.


Until next time, take care and be kind to yourself!




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